Krav Maga / Formação de Instrutores

Instructor preparation


To prepare an instructor demands extreme caution due to the great risks and responsibilities involved since it requires a professional attitude beginning with body exercises, character formation and all life risks of the self defense art. An unprepared instructor represents a menace to society and his trainees.

The main purpose of the instructor is to teach the personal self defense techniques and when and how to apply them, developing self confidence and self control. As the body is prepared as an instrument of attack and defense, the aggressive energy and its potential is liberated and directed in a constructive and profitable form.

Curso de Formação

The process adopted by FSAKM of preparing instructors was created by Imi Lichtenfeld and is still the method used in Israel. This preparation process is strict and guaranties quality and high level teaching and diffusion of Krav Maga in Brasil, keeping in mind the above mentioned risks.

Introduced by Master Kobi, the system of preparation of the professionals teaches them how to prepare the instructors to teach and orient the students, adding to the instructor the function of educator, and is divided in two distinct parts.

1. Monitor course
The best graduating students are motivated to participate in the monitor courses offered that consist of 16 hours daily courses during five days in a closed compound at the Training Center which includes theoretical and practical classes of Krav Maga with Master Kobi, Anatomy, Physiology, First Aid, Physical training and the day by day of the Life Philosophy of Krav Maga.

2. Instructor Course
The participants that pass the evaluation of the Monitor Course, after one year of probation, become candidates to the Instructors Course which happens in five phases described as follows:

a) Monitor: After 4 years of training, the Monitor is evaluated for his performance and his instructor may appoint him to the process of selection to the Instructor Course.

Curso de Formação de Monitores 2010

b) Selection Process: This part includes 4 items: the evaluation of the candidate by the instructor, psychiatric evaluation, physical test, technique test. After approval by the above selection items the candidate passes to the complementary study phase.

c) Complementary Study: The candidate must study complementary subjects such as: Anatomy, Physiology, Nutrition, First Aid, Philosophy of Martial Arts and Marketing, with a minimum of 20 hours in each subject in Schools or teachers recognized by MEC, in order to be prepared to go on to the fallowing stage.

Curso de Formação

d) Krav Maga Graduation: This phase includes all the theory, philosophy and practice of Krav Maga, where the candidate learns step by step how to teach correctly through the proper didactics of Krav Maga. He learns how to behave in the class room and the rules and principle of conduct of FSAKM.

e) Final Exams and Monography: at the end of the course the candidates are submitted to a final exam of all that was taught and present his monography. If the results of all the tests are above an average of 75% the candidate receive a Diploma and is authorized to use the Krav Maga trade mark, but remains supervised by FSAKM that administers compelling periodic recycling courses, necessary to renew the license to teach.

This process is very streaked and requires much from its candidates, but the results guaranties the high quality of the instructors and contributes to the formation of a better society.

Curso de Formação de Monitores