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Master Kobi


Kobi Lichtenstein was born in 1964, in the city of Rechovot, Israel. At the age of three, he began his Krav Maga training with the creator of the art, Imi Lichtenfeld.

Accepted in class only for a trial period, due to his young age, he was quickly approved by his master, who soon "adopted" him.

Being renowned as a prodigy, he became notorious to the press at age six. His life was dedicated to Krav Maga, his movements and instincts were shaped by the technique of this art, and at the age of 15, he began teaching his first classes.

He joined the first and only special group selected to be trained and prepared by the creator to ensure the continuity of his creation, and with the mission to spread out and divulge the art to the world and to the next generations.

He gave lessons to several specific groups, like autists, where he obtained surprising results, groups of women who were rape victims, problem teenagers considered to be juvenile delinquents, as well as others. After serving for three years in the Israeli Army, he had a black belt diploma from the Krav Maga Association in Israel, and as an instructor from the Wingate University, the largest physical education university in Israel which is also known as one of the best in the world. He also did extension courses like Physical Therapy, First Aid, Special Nutrition for Athletes and has a deepened knowledge of six different kinds of martial arts.

He was the one responsible for all the Krav Maga teaching in the central-south region of Israel, therefore, having millions of students. An ex-combatant in the War of 1982, he joined innumerous special missions of the Israeli Army, worked in National Security Services and concluded his MBA in National Security and Terror by the University Hod Hasharon in Israel, with a partnership with Newport University in California.

Representative in Brazil of the United States Police Defensive Tactics Association, member of International Bodyguard Association IBSSA.

In 1990, he arrived in Brazil with the support of master Imi, with the goal of divulging, spreading, and teaching Krav Maga in South America.

He established himself in Rio de Janeiro and founded the Brazilian Association of Krav Maga, which is recognized by the Secretary of Sports and the Ministry of Education of the Brazilian Government.

As the first black belt to leave Israel to accomplish the mission entrusted to him, he began his work, and with great success. He surprised everyone, including the army elite and the police with Krav Maga's objectivity and efficiency, as well as with his indisputable competence as instructor and an expert in the subject.

All of the press (media, TV and radio), documented his work every step of the way: the diffusion and spreading of Krav Maga in South America, since the first lessons in clubs and gyms, up until the foundation of the Brazilian Association and later, the South American Federation, the inauguration of the National Training Center (Top Defense), the many courses in several Brazilian states, and the launch of 4 books in Portuguese, the last book in 5 other languages, also.

During these years in Brazil, Master Kobi has been graduating instructors who today teach in several gyms in different Brazilian states. He supervises the practice and divulgence of Krav Maga, keeping a high ethical and technical level of his instructors and students, following the suggested steps by his master and creator of Krav Maga.

As a Krav Maga master and a specialist in security, he has already taught courses to several military, police and private security forces. The training for the security business has been reaching excellent results and the courses have been requested by almost all Brazilian states and by countries in South America.

In March of 2009 was awarded with the highest honor the state of Rio de Janeiro, Tiradentes Medal.

In May of 2009 was awarded with the highest honor the city of Rio de Janeiro, the group of medals Pedro Ernesto.

In December 2010, was awarded with the Legislative Medal of Merit at the National Congress Palace in Brasilia.

In May 2010, organized the largest international event of Krav Maga, bringing to Rio de Janeiro the main teachers of Krav Maga in the world and bringing together delegations from 28 countries during five days of intense programming, including seminars, lectures, workshops, and cultural event evening of tributes, and still getting the world record for"Greatest lesson in self defense in the world" by  the official auditor's of Guinness Records. The grandeur of the event put  Rio de Janeiro on the world stage of sport,praised the hospitality and professionalism that drive the work of master Kobi in Brazil in the last 20 years.

Also in 2010, was honored with the title of Brazilian Army Collaborator.

He received his last graduation from grandmaster Imi in January of 1996, a black belt of the 6th dan.

In May 2011, received the graduation of honor, 8º dan, from the Israeli Krav Maga Federation.


Krav Maga - The Philosophy of the Israeli´s Defense

The Focus of this book is present sides still not well-known of Krav Maga, the Israeli technique of self defense.

In this book, master Kobi shows a little of Krav Maga's history, the history from it's creator, Imi Lichtenfeld, and it's philosophy , beyond some of it's movements, illustrated with sequence of photos.

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Get your exemplary.

Krav Magá - Guide against strike with knife and stick

Technique and practice overcome physic force, even in armed aggressions. This is the proposal of Krav Maga, the defense of Israeli's army.

In this second book, the author demystify the exaggerated fear of a blade and teach, step by step, how to do self defense from knives and sticks, showing in his particular way; "how to walk between rain nuggets and not getting wet".

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Krav Magá - Your self defense against urban violence, taught by master Kobi Lichtenstein

For the first time written in Portuguese, master Kobi Lichtenstein teaches how to do self defense against urban violence, the book is illustrated with more than 500 photos and talk about confidence, self esteem and security.

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Autodefesa israelense para todos - Kobi Lichtenstein

Published in 6 languages, Master Kobi , on the eve of the perform the biggest international event in the history of Krav Maga in the Centennary of the creator of this method, Imi Lichtenfeld. talks about the development of Krav Maga in the civilian and military forces; explaining philosophy, giving safety tips and showing techniques . Edited by Budo International in Spain. With the same theme, there is a DVD.