Krav Maga / O Krav Maga

Krav Maga Concepts

Imi e Mestre Kobi Treinando

The Art

The conception of Krav Maga reveals a path that enables anyone to exert their right to life, even with the violence that surrounds us. It is the only fighting technique with a worldwide recognition as an art of self defense and not as a martial art.

There are no rules or competitions, because the techniques envision self-defense in real-life situations. With simple, fast and objective responses to violent daily life situations, it shows the common citizen how to defend himself, regardless of his physical conditioning, age or sex. With a military origin, its application in security forces has been incorporated by corporations all over the world because of its efficiency in combat.

The Technique

Imi e Mestre Kobi treinando Its technique envisions preventing that an attack reaches its target and at the same time, it simplifies and empowers the movements of a counter-attack.

Mathematically rationalizes the movements of attacks and defenses, utilizing weight transference and a force of maximum power; potentializing the action regardless of physical force. As physics already states, force equals mass times acceleration. The strike takes to the target the body's weight (approximately 2/3 of the weight), which is certainly much greater than anyone's muscular strength while trying to hit a target.

The action of the strike acts like a retained spring that has been released: the speed does not increase during its course; the motion already begins with maximum speed. It is a force of maximum power. The strikes are intended to hit the body at its sensitive spots, in this way leveling any adversary, regardless of their physical strength.


Self-Control is essential in any aggressive situation, for mind and body. Through training, the student learns how to control his six senses (strengthening his five senses and developing the sixth, with the capability to foresee the movements of people around you before they are carried out, being aware of the world around you). Various exercises teach the student to be able to control any muscle in his body. If we think of motion as a series of still frames that rapidly pass from one to the next, in Krav Maga we develop the perception of the full action at the first frame. Instinctive motion is exhaustively trained and essential in dangerous situations, because besides being very fast, it is independent of an emotional state: the brain commands the movements by reflexion.

The Movements

All movements in Krav Maga are built upon the existent natural motor skills of the human body, and are very simple, which facilitates the activation of a reaction in dangerous situations and surprise attacks. The movements are short, and consequently fast.


In the learning process of Krav Maga, we use a system of graduations by belt colors, and at each different level we find different exercises that have different levels of expertise. The courses for security personnel, however, do not follow the same system. They contain a division in modules, which are specific to each line of work.

It is a simple, fast and objective method of self defense, accessible to anyone.