Krav Maga / Cursos Especiais

Special Courses


Special courses are offered only to private groups with a 20-person minimum, with no individual sign-up available, unless otherwise advertised through our newsletter. They are available for anywhere in Latin America. Sign-up in our website if interested.

Intensive courses for civilians

The intensive courses for civilians may have a specific theme or may talk about self-defense in general term

In the menu on the side, you will find a brief description for some of them.

Specific content to the female audience

Women are usually seen as the weaker sex, therefore, being the perfect target for aggressions, robberies and rapes. This course presents simple and efficient solutions, which are independent of physical strength, with a specific content directed to the female public.


• Techniques and tactics for Attacks;
• Techniques and tactics for Defenses;
• Releases from grapplings while standing up;
• Releases from grapplings while on the ground;
• Techniques against theft;
• Techniques against purse theft;
• Usage of everyday objects in self defense;
• Releases;
• Defense tactics against "white weapons" threats (knifes, glass, etc.);
• Behavior techniques in the face of danger;
• Behavior techniques during an attemptive rape.

Techniques and tactics of defense and attack for executives

The violence is in our day to day and everybody must know how to defend themselves. With the Krav Maga techniques, is possible for any citizen, regardless of size, strenght, sex or age, to defend himself from any aggression, armed or not, against one or several aggressors.

During training, participants are surprised by the objectivity of simplicity and ease of movement and learning.


• Techniques and tactics for Attacks; • Techniques and tactics for Defenses; • Releases; • The body's sensitive points and how to strike them more effectively; • Defense tactics against attacks with a stick; • Defense tactics against attacks with a knife; • Defense tactics against knife threats; • Usage of everyday objects in self defense; • Defense tactics against firearms threats; • Behavior before, during, and after a violent act.


16 hours, in 2 days.


Participants who obtain good results will receive a certificate at the end of the course.