Krav Maga / O Krav Maga

Security Forces


Security forces - military, police or private security face situations, objectives, risk levels and requirements completely different from the civil world and because of this, Krav Maga training must be different from the one taking place in regular classes in academies. It must consider characteristics and peculiarities of the world security as:

• Techniques of Defense shall ensure self-protection and protection of others;
• The time available for the training of a professional security is very short;
• Each unit faces very different situations from one another, in nature and requirement;
• The professional security, due to the nature of their work, loads weighing equipment which can reach 40kg or more, depending on the unit;
• Many units use clothing such as boots and bullet-proof jackets that hinder their movements.


The first step in the preparation of professional security in Krav Maga is self control, which includes 4 aspects:

1. Emotional control (emotions);
2. Motor control (movement);
3. Rational control (thinking);
4. Reaction control (dose reactions).

The emotional control together with the rational control (1 and 3) will dictate the reaction control (4), as they will be responsible for taking the decision about which response is most appropriate to the situation highlighted. We must remember that what saves lives is the correct movement - precise and efficient - the action, controlled and planned. This is the professional way to deal with the daily risks of a security officer.

The motor control (2) is divided into two parts:

1. Perform the movement according to need;
2. Prepare the body to absorb any impact.


The situation of conflict divided in 6 stages:
1.Perception of risk in the environment
2. This information is sent to the brain
3. The brain identifies the problem
4. Decision of the next step
5. The brain orders the muscles to trigger a reaction
6. Reaction

At the time of the reaction, it is necessary to consider:
• How not to enter areas of danger;
• Do not discard the possibility of changing the form of action;
• Use simple equipment or objects which can help performance;
• Use your body as an instrument of defense and attack.

The preparation of the agent to the time of the reaction includes: training for improvement of peripheral vision and classification, speed of thinking, and instinctive movement, which is the result of merging the items 3, 4, 5 and 6, acquired through technical knowledge (having learned the techniques) and knowledge of the situation (with simulations of real situations).


In today's world, where the crime shows an alarming level of aggression, it is common to become a police target, being an officer of command, an authority. Considering such police office life aggravator, training needs to achieve two objectives:

• Enable him to survive in violent situations encountered;
• Enable him to face any situation.

Self-confidence is essential to the performance of its functions as the constant challenges must be faced with the attitude coming from the professional pride. To get to achieve the two placed goals, the training must enable him to deal with various difficulties that permeate the service in the profession.

To learn how to use the techniques taught in the course in real situations, the simulations are carried out under intense physical and mental stress, leading it to the extreme, and thus affecting the police to act effectively, keeping the proportion of action with certainty.

Besides all the preparation, we cannot forget to work the humanitarian side of the profession, which is respectful and polite treatment to citizens, including offenders.

All these concepts and skills are developed in the courses massively and intensively, resulting in the professional skills: confident, conscious and efficient, who returns home safely.

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The armed forces of a country have a clear role: to ensure the security of a nation, this is the main goal, above all. In a military corporation, the units receive missions, which must be completed successfully. To go forward, to acquire, fulfill the mission, report the success: so does the military philosophy work.

In the elite forces, the ability of evaluation and trial of a situation must be accurate and fast, leading the unit to fulfill the mission, with a disciplined determination, strengthened by the feeling of invincibility, where each soldier feels he is capable of doing that or any other tasks that appear, regardless of risks and difficulties they will find. All this must be considered in the preparation of the soldier.

To achieve this type of preparation, it is necessary that the training has a very precise and objective doctrine, which added to difficulties imposed to soldier's basic training, should teach techniques with appropriate didactics in order to prepare them to exercise their functions with security and confidence to ensure the success of the mission and their physical integrity.

For military corporations, Krav Maga holds a specific didactic and a program directed to each type of mission, exposing the situations that your unit will face, preparing the units through simulations of real situations and with intelligent solutions to face danger.

The soldier does not learn different techniques and adapts them to the battles it faces, but learns them in a similar scenario to the one he is going to find in real service and while using the same clothing and equipment daily, he should use the techniques and apply them with ease.

The proximity of the training with reality, and the stress produced during training allows the soldiers to act with safety and efficiency in real situations of their routine. The training of military Krav Maga has another great advantage for corporations: to prepare units shortly after training.

With a history of successes and victories, Krav Maga has been adopted by military corporations in several countries, combating the evils of our times with technical accuracy. In the link "Who has adopted", see the entities that authorized the dissemination of the training they received.

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The men who work in private security usually perform a dual function. It is very common that the security men at the shopping mall accumulates the function of post information, as well as the official security staff is also responsible for several aspects of the routine of VIP, and so it is in many branches of private security.

The training of private security officers shall provide the knowledge necessary to make them able to circumvent any situation of aggression, with the maximum safety, elegance and description; solving situations quickly and causing minimum damage to the aggressor.

Working correctly, avoids the possibility of panic, preserves the installations and the image of the establishment or the VIP who provides service and image of the company he works for.

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